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February 9, 2011

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the work of my new favorite artist today. Her work is soooooo amazing!!!


Mark Rothko

February 2, 2011

Well hello again Mark Rothko! Here’s to someone whose work I used to despise and am now in love with. How things change.

Nagi Noda

January 24, 2011

While browsing the internet tonight I was lucky enough to come across these wonderful “Hair Hats” from Japanese designer Nagi Noda. These hats don’t directly relate to my work but I think they’re amazing! This is the only image I could pull off the internet (from Lost at E Minor) to show these hats but you should definitely go to Nagi Noda’s site to see the rest of them. There’s a lion!


Victorian Crazy Quilts

January 24, 2011

I did a presentation on Victorian Crazy Quilts a couple of years ago and have recently been thinking about them again. They’re beautiful.


Troy Emery

January 20, 2011

Came across these beauties today. Troy Emery is an artist living and working in Sydney, Australia. To check out more of his work head on over to his blog here:


Louise Nevelson

January 15, 2011

We visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City last week where a Louise Nevelson piece is housed. The museum is beautiful and the Nevelson piece is amazing as is everything she has created. Here I’m interested in small intricate parts becoming an elaborate but simple whole.


Sonja Vordermaier

January 12, 2011

Came across these incredible sculptures today. Visit her website here.